Author Interviews


Author: V. Steele

1: Where are you from?

Georgia (The one in the US)

2: What genre is your book written in?

  “Not This Time” is a contemporary cowboy romance. I always write romance.

3: Who is your favorite author?

   Sylvia Day – any of her work

4: Tell us a little something about your book.

This book was started a long time ago and I got away from it. But once I started back I had to finish it. It’s part of my new series “Chasing Cowboys”. It’s all about bad boy cowboys and the women who love them through all their crap.

5: Tell us a little something about yourself.

    I’m a southern girl from head to toe. I’ve always loved to write and sometimes it totally consumes my thoughts. I love horses and cowboys and especially anything vampire or paranormal.

6: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Well, that’s obvious, it’s Luke. He’s a cowboy with some bad boy ways, but he’s also sensitive. I could imagine him in my mind and he sounded pretty hot.

7: How long did it take you to write this book?

From start to finish it took only around two months all together. The story consumed me and I just had to finish it.

8: How can fans get in touch with you?

That’s easy, they can contact me here:


Twitter: VSteele13


I’m also on Pinterest and goodreads.


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