How do you set a release date?

Have you ever wondered how to set your release date? It’s a scary time for me. I want everything to be perfect, well as perfect as it can get. The cover has been ready for month or so, but the writing has been in a rat race. 

Now that offers preorders on their site and Other retailers, it’s important to get it out there a little early, but how early? For me I think 15 days or 1/2 a month. But others do prereleases up to several months. 

As for me, I went with 15 days, but it’s entirely up to the author. I may opt for a longer preorder period with the next book. I will see how the first preorder goes. I’ll be letting you know how it goes throughout the process.

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2 thoughts on “How do you set a release date?

    1. The preorder I’m doing is the e-book at
      Here’s a link to the blog from Smashwords that details the process:
      But through another author I also learned that you can arrange a preorder for print books through CreateSpace. This can be done through setting up an Amazon Associates account which from the information I was given you may also be able to put the e-book also.
      Hope this helps some. I’ll give more information as I go through the process.
      As far as the dates you choose, it’s up to you how long you want to hold out before the final release. If you want both editions to go up at the same time, then I suggest giving it enough wait time for both of the editions to be ready.

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