Released today! “Not This Time” By: V. Steele



Horseshoe Publishing is proud to announce the release of “Not This Time” By: V. Steele. The cover design and editing was completed by Horseshoe Publishing. It’s being released to Amazon, Smashwords, Allromanceebooks and many others. This is the second book from V. Steele. We’re excited to showcase her work. 

Here’s a little tidbit to wet your palette: 

She looked on the dresser and noticed a gift with her name on it. She smiled thinking it might be a little surprise from Zach. She pulled on the ribbon and then carefully opened the box. She almost fainted when she looked inside. Nestled inside the layers of tissue paper was a crystal angel. A note card was folded under it. She pulled the note out with shaky fingers.

 Before she opened the note she closed her eyes and prayed this was just a coincidence. Her heart told her she was dead wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed when she unfolded the card. Taking a slow, deep breath she read the card. “Here’s an angel for my angel. I’ll never stop loving you, NEVER. Do what’s in your heart, but don’t do this if your heart isn’t ready. Love, Your Cowboy Forever, Luke. P.S. I’ll wait for you at our special place, if you don’t show up I’ll know your heart was in it.”

Her hand covered her mouth as a sob escaped. Why’d he always do this to her? Why was she still so in love with him? Why couldn’t she just forget he ever existed? But the sad thing was she knew exactly why. He held her heart and he knew it. That’s what made this so bad, he knew all he had to do was send this angel and a note and she’d go flying back to him. 

Check it out now.


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