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What song goes with your book?

Ok, you can’t tell me that you haven’t thought about this. Every book that I’ve written it’s always had a sound track. Funny as it sounds it’s true. 

The reason I ask this is when you’re getting ready to set up a video trailer it helps to have a certain sound in mind. Maybe it’s a classical song, a rock song or a country classic. But every book has it’s own rhythm or sound.

So if you want to do a video trailer get ready to figure out the sound of your book. That’s one of the services that we offer at Horseshoe Publishing. Give us a message and check out our services.

Have a great evening and good luck with your writing…



Released today! “Not This Time” By: V. Steele



Horseshoe Publishing is proud to announce the release of “Not This Time” By: V. Steele. The cover design and editing was completed by Horseshoe Publishing. It’s being released to Amazon, Smashwords, Allromanceebooks and many others. This is the second book from V. Steele. We’re excited to showcase her work. 

Here’s a little tidbit to wet your palette: 

She looked on the dresser and noticed a gift with her name on it. She smiled thinking it might be a little surprise from Zach. She pulled on the ribbon and then carefully opened the box. She almost fainted when she looked inside. Nestled inside the layers of tissue paper was a crystal angel. A note card was folded under it. She pulled the note out with shaky fingers.

 Before she opened the note she closed her eyes and prayed this was just a coincidence. Her heart told her she was dead wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed when she unfolded the card. Taking a slow, deep breath she read the card. “Here’s an angel for my angel. I’ll never stop loving you, NEVER. Do what’s in your heart, but don’t do this if your heart isn’t ready. Love, Your Cowboy Forever, Luke. P.S. I’ll wait for you at our special place, if you don’t show up I’ll know your heart was in it.”

Her hand covered her mouth as a sob escaped. Why’d he always do this to her? Why was she still so in love with him? Why couldn’t she just forget he ever existed? But the sad thing was she knew exactly why. He held her heart and he knew it. That’s what made this so bad, he knew all he had to do was send this angel and a note and she’d go flying back to him. 

Check it out now.

Polishing it up!

Writing is something that takes a lot of time and sometimes we’re so glad when we get done we don’t take time to polish it up. Would you go out with runs in your hose or rouge on one cheek and not the other?

Well it’s the same thing when you get ready to publish your book. You have to make sure to read it and reread it again. Do spell check more than once? Yep, did it only once on a book and after it was published at one place I found a couple of issues. Did spell check again and found them right away.

Also, make sure you’re spacing and margins are good. Don’t forget about the title page. Use a great font that really pops. If you’ve ever noticed that a lot of times when you start an e book the cover page doesn’t even come up first, it’s the title page. Also make sure to give yourself a little advertisement at the end of the book. List your published books and the upcoming books. Give some contact information and keep the reader wanting more.

If you need help polishing up your masterpiece, just give us a chance at Horseshoe Publishing. We’re all about getting it right the first time. 

Enjoy your weekend and great writing…

Creating a great cover

Writing a book is hard work. You work constantly for months or even years on your masterpiece and then it comes to designing the cover. Most people buy a book based on it’s cover. So to me that’s the most important part after the books finished. 

Here are a couple of things to consider when designing your cover:

1. What’s your book about? This needs to come out on the cover. If your book is about a cowboy then don’t put a business man on the front. Make sure the cover reveals a little of what to expect on the inside.

2. Make it mysterious. You don’t want to give away too much, but just enough to draw in the reader.

3: Color scheme. Use a color scheme that’s eye catching and that coordinates with the pictures you use.

4. As for any cover pictures you use always make sure if you don’t use one you took yourself that you go to a site that’s royalty free. You need to put a little money into the cover picture because this makes it pop. 

5: The font. Make sure to get a good font. Don’t just use one you find on Word, but go to a good font site and pick out a great one. You want the words to just pop off the cover and be able to read it easily. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out what the name of a book is.

6: Check out other book covers and get an idea of what you can do. Use a good design program so that you can fade, cloud or just plain out give it the wow factor.

7: When you have a good sample, then put it into thumbnail size and see if it’s still good. Don’t forget that some of the e-book sites have only room for a small cover picture.

That’s just a few pointers. If you’re not sure you want to do this, then give us a try. We offer  competitive rates and will work hard to get you the best cover for the buck.

Good luck designing.


A Post for Horseshoe Publishing

Rosie Amber

I’m dedicating this post to  my very good WordPress friend Stephanie Hurt. I have featured several books written by Stephanie here on my blog and now I’m extremely pleased to tell you that she is turning her hand to publishing. Horseshoe publishing is going to start out by helping authors prepare their book covers and final drafts moving on to getting their work out there.

Check out the first steps of Horseshoe publishing and give Stephanie your support;




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Helping Authors…

Horseshoe Publishing was established to help authors get their work ready for publishing. Eventually we will get into the publishing of the books, but for now we’re going to focus on helping others get their work published. We’re offering competitive rates compared to our competitors.

I remember when I started publishing my books it was like a learning a foreign language. So many authors have said if I’d start a publishing company they’d get on board. It’s exciting and exhilarating. 

Good luck to all those out there. Come on over and check us out.